The year 2020 is just two years off. Technology keeps evolving and growing. Everything is attempting to get better and make life a lot easier. The same thing will apply to home security systems. Below we list 3 predictions.

 Everything Is Going to Be Connected

A home security system might be linked to things such as all the computers in your house, the television, smart speakers, tablets, phones, and small devices such as iPod. As you are connected, such devices may assist in connecting the home security system, as well as make the proper adjustments and keep track while you are away from home. In addition, everything might be connected to a small robot which runs around your home and watches everything.

In 2 years, analysts predict that we will have 20.4 billion connected things living inside the world, and as much as 12.8 billion of these for households instead of businesses.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is Going to Monitor — and Fix — Your House

Imagine AI plumbing. Imagine the plumbing develops a leak that triggers a moisture sensor, tracking the failed pipe or coupling that orders a tiny machine loaded with high-tech sealant that closes the leak — and will order another machine to mop up.

The same would apply to home security systems. If something goes wrong with the cameras or alarm, the system would detect the issue, contain it, and repair it all in one day. There isn’t any more wait time. There’d be no need to contact a mechanic to repair anything ever again. The smart home would know what parts would be necessary to make these impossible repairs that it couldn’t do itself. It may have the ability to make the orders on the internet itself. The system even could detect fire and carbon monoxide directly before they start and save endless numbers of lives. Here’s the best part: so much money and time is saved with repairs. The only thing a homeowner might need to do is sit and relax.

360° Cameras

The biggest issue with security cameras is that they only can record in a single location at one time. What if there was a single camera which could record every room inside the house? Drones already can film more than one location at one time, yet it would draw too much attention to itself. It’d be a tiny camera which easily could be concealed in plain sight and film away. A homeowner might put it in one spot then turn it on. There’d be no more need to have more than 20 cameras around the property. There’d only be the same quantity of cameras to match the quantity of rooms inside the home. The footage would be life-like and have sharp high-def quality. The camera would have powerful night vision and clear colors. The sound would also be high-quality. No more muffled sounds and grainy footage to deal with.

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