Calling a locksmith is always a more convenient move than contacting an automotive dealership when your car keys are lost or damaged – not to mention more affordable! In this blog entry, the automotive locksmith experts here at LocksmithMAN will detail the benefits of contacting a locksmith for automotive lockouts or car key replacement rather than the car dealership. 

Our Automotive Locksmith Service is More Affordable

If you need an extra set of spare car keys, or need to replace automobile keys that you’ve lost, utilizing the automotive locksmith services of LocksmithMAN is more cost effective, convenient, reliable, and efficient ahtn contacting a car dealership. Car dealerships understand how many people calling for key replacements are likely in a panic, and thus they majorly inflate the prices of the keys, taking advantage of customers and burning a hole in their wallets. However, the overhead cost of car key making or duplication for our automotive locksmith experts is much lower – so we can provide our customers with brand new programmed – or duplicated, car keys for a much more affordable rate. Consider this – if there’s a hole in your home’s kitchen wall, would you pay the original architect to fix it, or a conveniently local and affordable contractor service? The answer is obvious!


Our Lost Car Key Service is Faster

If you’re in need of new car keys, you’re likely stranded outside your vehicle – an unpleasant and dangerous situation to find yourself in. You likely don’t have the time to wait around to get in touch with and make an appointment with the closest automobile dealership. It’s MUCH easier, and MUCH faster to simply contact us, the mobile automotive locksmith team at LocksmithMAN. Immediately after receiving your call, our team will be deployed directly to your location to copy or replace your car keys – all on a 24/7 basis.


Our Car Key Cutting Team has All the Right Equipment

LocksmithMAN’s expert car key duplication team is outfit with all the latest equipment to copy, or provide you with freshly programmed car transponder keys directly at your location. Our team can provide keys for even the most advanced and rare varieties of car security systems – and have the equipment and skills necessary to program transponder keys to match your car’s computer code system. We can even delete previous transponder key codes from your car’s computer, rendering old keys useless in the event of lost or stolen keys. If you ever find yourself stranded, in need of replacement – or even simply spare – car keys, don’t hesitate to contact us, the experts here at LocksmithMAN – it’s always a safer, faster, more affordable, and more convenient choice than contacting an automotive dealership. We’ll get you back behind the wheel in no time!



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