Home security needs to be handled somewhat holistically – with many different aspects of your home’s entranceway, yards, doors, and windows – as well as your personal entrance/exit/visitor/delivery habits all having a distinct influence on the safety and security of your property. In this blog entry, the residential security experts here at LocksmithMAN will provide a simple, basic – yet completely essential – list of the most valuable basic home security tips that you can utilize to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

Smart Home Security Installation

Install a modern smart home security system – ideally one that includes features such as contact sensors, cameras, automatic cell dialers, and BlueTooth / WiFi enabling. This adds a high level of both convenience and security to the way that you receive visitors, and the way that your home is both passively/actively protected.


External Door Security Assessment

You should assess the condition and security of all of your external doors – a major entrance point for burglars. Make sure your doors can smoothly open and close, that they have properly operating deadbolts and gaskets, and that they are made of sturdy and durable material that is still holding up. Make sure that the door’s screws still reach the framing timber, and that your locks are durable enough to withstand physical attack. Consider rekeying your front door locks.


Security Cameras

Cameras are a fantastic security measure that can capture criminals in the act, or lead to their capture after the fact – but also operate as a fantastic passive deterrent from burglary. Using leading CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your home from a cell phone at all times and places – allowing you much greater peace of mind when you are away from the home on business or during a vacation.


Smart Lighting Sensors

Make sure your yard and external entrances are well lit with lights connected to motion sensors – a great way of deterring all burglary attempts and generally increasing safety around your house. Connect interior lights to smart light controllers that allow you to control lights in real time from a distance and set timers (in order to create the impression that your home is occupied even when it’s not.) You can even save a ton on your energy bill by doing so!


Smart Landscaping

Make sure that there’s no tall shrubs under your windows that can provide burglars a good hiding space when they’re trying to scope a way to enter your home. Consider planting thorny bushes if you must have some, but regularly trim them. The idea is to get rid of potential blind spots that can help thieves go unnoticed.



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