While locks are the bread and butter of a strong home security infrastructure, there’s many other aspects of a full security spread that often get overlooked. By tackling and addressing the many-layered security needs of your home, you are ensuring that your family and property are as protected as possible. In this blog entry, the home security experts here at LocksmithMAN CA will tell you some of the most underrated, but valuable, home security tips out there today.

Trees and Bushes and Lighting

Make sure that trees and bushes around your house are regularly trimmed so that they don’t provide cover area for burglars or cover up your windows. Make sure that any areas around your home that are incredibly dark are illuminated by motion detector spotlights.


Don’t Broadcast your Absence from Home

Don’t announce a vacation in advance – and yes, this includes on social media! Wait until you return from vacations to post vacation pictures, videos, or other content. If you’re going to be away from home for a while, arrange to have a trusted friend or neighbor check up on your home periodically, and to pick up any piling up mail or newspapers.


Keep your Yard Clean

Thieves often break windows by improvising using a tool they find nearby on a yard. Make sure not to give thieves this chance – clear your yard of all broken tree branches, yard tools – and especially ladders!


Home Alarms

Make sure to have a smart home security system installed – and that the alarm itself is engaged! Not only will this actively monitor and protect your property, but your home insurance premiums will be lowered by having it installed!


Window Upgrades

Protect your home by upgrading your windows with shatterproof glass – as windows are a very common entrance method for burglars. If you can’t afford shatterproof windows, install security film on the interior of all your windows, which will make it much more difficult for any potential criminal to enter your home through the windows.


Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Make sure to place a security bar within the space in sliding glass doors to make sure that they cannot be exploited from outside as a potential entrance to crime in your home.


Lock Changes

If you have just moved in, make sure to have all your locks rekeyed – or even changed by a trusted licensed locksmith team of experts, like all of us here at LocksmithMAN CA.



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