Losing car keys does not have to give you extensive headaches easier said than done! That is why the following tips can help you deal with your car key lost problem before you start fretting.

Search Immediate Surrounding

In life some days are good and others frustrating. It’s therefore not surprising to forget car keys just about anywhere. Before you start contacting your dealership or locksmith for key replacement, first inspect your environs. Then, contact the people recently had an encounter with. Often times, people also lock their keys inside the car.

Identify Your Car Key Type

Once you are sure you cannot locate your keys, the next step is to identify your key type. Your type of car key lost can be any of the following:

  • Transponder key

Most cars built after the late around 1993 comes with a responder key. These keys have an inbuilt rf transmitter which transmits a signal that is extremely low. The vehicle can only detect the signal when the key is inserted and only then will the car start. This key provides a minimal chance of being hotwired hence increasing car security. With that being the case, it is complicated to replace a transponder key but our locksmiths know their way around these types so don’t sweat it.

  • Traditional car keys

If you consider yourself forgetful, you can implement these pro-tips. In the meantime, though, you should take preference into traditional keys. This type is made mechanically by a key cutting machine so it’s pretty easy to replace. Traditional keys may compromise your car’s security since in the hands of the wrong person, there’s a risk of easy duplication.

  • Laser-cut keys

They also go by names sidewinder key or internal cut key. Unlike the traditional key, which is cut along the edge, laser-cut keys are cut through the center. This makes them hard to replace. Only the car dealer of a well-trained locksmith can replace a laser-cut key.

Among other keys are electronic keys, remote control, switchable key, and smart keys.

Identify Your Vehicle Information

The dealership or locksmith will have to gather enough information about your car before they can prepare for a replacement. Failure to provide the correct information may result in keys that fail to operate your car. Essentially, identify the type of car key lost. Narrow down to the car model and identification number, registration number and the year of the vehicle. Your insurance card should contain all this information so if you’re missing any details, you can check there. If you don’t have all the information and you also can’t get a hold of your insurance card, the locksmith can come conduct a quick examination of your car to gather these details.

Evaluate Your Service Provider Options

The last and most step of getting a car key replacement is zeroing down on who to contract for the service. On this, you have two options; to contact a locksmith or your car dealer. If your car is much older, locksmith services will be cheaper compared to dealership. Again, unlike dealers, most locksmiths are flexible so they will easily show up on your location. You’re also more likely to get a quick response from a locksmith that you would from a dealer. This is because dealers don’t specialize in replacement lost car keys, rather selling and servicing cars.

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