Panic bars, also known as crash bars, push bars or touch bars, are locks with a spring-loaded metal bar fitted horizontally to a door on the side that is inside a building or room. Unlike handles and knobs that are manipulated by turning and pushing, panic bars are only pushed against to unlatch and open a door simultaneously. This swings the door outwards and towards the exit direction, easing and quickening an exit. Panic bars should only be installed by a skilled emergency locksmith service professionals. They install these locks as per the recommended standards to enhance safety and security in a commercial building.

Most countries have regulations put in place for public buildings and commercial buildings to enhance safety during an emergency. These include setting a minimum number of emergencies exits from a building. These emergency exits should ensure safe and smooth exit of persons from rooms or buildings in case of emergencies. Panic bars significantly contribute to these safety precautions.

Panic Bars and Commercial Building Safety

During an emergency inside a public or commercial building, when those in the commercial building panic, movement towards the exit is usually are chaotic and disastrous. This is because when approaching a door, in the event that the people closest to the door stop or slow down while trying to operate the door, the ones at the back of the crowd will not stop nor slow down but still come charging through. This results in a stampede. Panic bars help eliminate that risk. A simple push to the panic bar swings the door outwards seamlessly. This does not slow down the exit speed or stop it at the door- limiting a stampede.

A feature that panic bars have that makes it different from most locks is that it is difficult to pick. This feature makes unauthorized external access difficult. The commercial building remains secure from forced entry even during non-business hours. Some panic bars come with an alarm that sounds off when accessed. You will find doors with these alarms labeled with words such as, ‟alarm will sound if a door is opened or door alarm.” This deters or detects illegal or unauthorized exit from buildings or to unauthorized building sections. These doors do more than alert in case of illegal exits. When doors with panic bars fitted with alarms are accessed, they set off alarms in the whole building. Since these doors are only used in emergencies, this alerts everyone in the building to respond accordingly to the emergency, minimizing casualties and fatalities.

Doors fitted with panic doors help manage entrance and exit into a commercial building. The identity of people gaining entry into a commercial building is of more concern than the ones exiting. Because panic bars deny access from outside, it is easy to identify unauthorized entry and deter potential threats. To ensure more security, another feature can be added to panic bars. External Trim Locks can be installed on the outer side of a panic bar door to aid access from outside. Evidently, panic bars ease access from the inside, but external trim locks give exclusive external access. They can be accessed using a key where external access to a building is necessary. These locks can be installed on demand.

Panic bars enhance safety and security in public and commercial buildings. To safeguard the lives of your employees, don’t wait for disaster to strike to install panic bars.



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