The concept of introducing nature into the indoors has become a huge design trend in both residential and commercial spaces. Besides creating a modern look, bi-fold doors bring in a great deal of warmth and light into a space making them an energy efficient option. In the place of a wall, you could actually use bi-fold doors to increase airflow into the office. Because they are hinged, these doors are practical for small office spaces since they take up very little space when opened. Bi-fold doors typically allow access to 90 percent of the doors opening making them also ideal for high traffic spaces. When it comes to commercial spaces, security is obviously a major concern. Compared to French doors and sliding doors, bi-fold doors are generally much harder to break into.

Bi-fold doors are secure by design and for security purposes, many come with a multi-locking system and a hidden inline tracking system. The two decrease the likelihood of burglars lifting the doors out of their mechanism. Within the bottom track is a concealed gear where the doors are attached. If an intruder wants to remove the door, they’d also need to remove the gear a mission simply impossible. Regardless of these inbuilt features, for increased safety, you obviously need to get a decent bi-fold door lock.

For a simple door lock, you can consider using a padlock. The commercial locksmith will install a hinged hasp so that one side sits on the face of one unit and the other on the face of the other unit. The lock body will itself cover the folding portion of the lock. Just like with a normal door, inserting a padlock through the hasp will keep the door locked only giving access to someone with keys.

Drop bolts can also be installed on both in and out of swinging doors. These locks have a door locking time delay which is basically the time between the bolt engaging and the door being closed. Typically, door locking time delay can be set up to 9 seconds. To enhance security, the sensor automatically disconnects after the bolt is projected. Although drop bolts are more menacing looking, and will definitely enhance your bi-fold door’s security, they shouldn’t be the sole source of security. You can complement drop bolts with deadbolts (a more secure option). What makes deadbolts more secure is the fact that they need to be engaged when the door is closed. They can be controlled with either an internal locking mechanism or a key. Their unique locking device is built into the bolt and prevents unwanted entry.

To enhance security even further, you can add security screens. This helps mask the interior from prying eyes whilst keeping good visibility. Alarms can also be fitted to the doors for additional security. Also, make sure you double glaze the doors. You can’t afford to invest so much into securing singled glazed doors that can easily be smashed.

As a final note, the best security that you can have for your home or business is a high-quality locking device that is actually used on a consistent basis. The major difference between locks is the degree of difficulty in breaking into them, cost, and materials. Investing in high-security keys and quality deadbolts then hiring a Winnipeg commercial locksmith for installation is well worth the long-term investment.



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