It’s essential for homeowners to learn how to keep their homes safe during the holiday season – a time when burglars understand that there might be an influx of valuables inside homes. Here’s a guide to keeping your home safe during the holidays, as prepared by the residential locksmith and residential security experts here at LocksmithMAN.

Protect Gifts and Packages by Concealing Them

Try not to place your Christmas tree in an easily accessible window. This will deter burglars from the temptation of breaking in and grabbing your gifts. Try to place your gifts and packages out of site, or wait until Christmas Eve to put your gifts under the tree. If you need to have gifts under the tree before Christmas, consider just putting dummy boxes there.


Be Discreet on Social Media

Don’t post information that will indicate that you will be away from your home on social media. This includes information about holiday vacations as well as holiday parties. Consider making your profile restricted so only added contacts can see your content if you want to post vacation photos.


Party Planning

Only hire reputable party planning companies that can keep your valuables safe. Keep your medications and valuables out of site during holiday parties. Consider designating areas of your home to be off-limits to guests during holiday parties, and locking doors of areas you don’t want entered.


Lock Windows and Doors

Make sure you have up to date, functional deadbolt locks. Make sure that you keep your doors locked at all times – even if you’re stepping outside of the house for just a quick errand. Make sure your windows are locked when you go to sleep or go to work as well – especially ground floor windows.


Motion Sensors / Timers

Set your lights on timers so that it appears that you’re home even when you’re on vacation or away at a party. Install motion sensors by all entrances of your house, so that a light will be turned on if an intruder tries to sneak towards your door.


Security Systems

Install a high quality, comprehensive security system that has high quality locks, deadbolts, and alarms connected to your local police department. Consider a system with integrated CCTV security cameras, as well as smart systems that can be connected to your smartphone for maximum control.



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