During these strange days, as many businesses are temporarily closed, it’s absolutely essential to have a strong lock and security system be protecting your commercial property. In this blog entry, the commercial locksmith experts here at LocksmithMAN will detail some of the important ways you can keep your commercial property secure during the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown.

Self-Analyzation of Security Infrastructure

Evaluate your current commercial security setup. If your property is partially or totally shut down, you should know anybody who has potential access to the building – including all inside and outside locks. If there’s been any employee layoffs or even furloughs, make sure that all of those employees have their access abilities temporarily revoked. This security caution also applies to interior locks like safes, cabinets, filing areas, pantries, and equipment closets. If you find that you have holes in security when you self analyze it, contact LocksmithMAN for simple commercial security solutions.


Safe and Door Rekeying

Instead of having to buy all new locks, LocksmithMAN can simply rekey the locks that protect your property – you will be given brand new keys that work, while all existing keys that may be floating around will be rendered unusable.


Smart Locks

Smart locks allow you to access your property with a touch of a button or swipe of a keycard, and totally control who else can enter. Many smart locks work through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections, and eliminate the need to be concerned over lost keys. They allow you to monitor who enters and exits the buildings by keeping a detailed log.


Amazon Key Systems

If you need to order equipment during this shutdown period and don’t have any employees on your property to accept deliveries, you can upgrade your property with a Amazon key system, allowing delivery people to temporarily enter your facility to drop off packages without any risk of package theft; don’t worry, you can still monitor who enters your property and at what time. This is a great solution that takes a big security risk off the mind of business owners.


During these hard times, peace of mind is more important than ever. Here at LocksmithMAN, we remained committed to ensuring the safety and security of our valuable customers; please reach out to us and allow us to enforce the security of your property and valuables.



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