Sometimes we become overwhelmed with day-to-day activities, and as human beings, we usually forget the simplest of things, such as locking our keys in our car.

If you’d like to learn some tips which may assist you in the prevention of being locked out of the car, you are advised to spend the next couple of minutes reading the content of this article. Some of these tips definitely will come in handy in keeping your vehicle keys safe.

Make a Habit of Locking your Doors from the Outside

If it’s possible to form the habit of locking your doors from the outside, it’ll become part of your sub-consciousness. It may save you the trouble which might come from forgetting them on the seat or leaving your keys in the ignition.

Keep a Spare Key inside Your Wallet

It’s natural to forget things occasionally. However, if you always keep one spare key inside your purse or wallet, it’ll save you from the humiliation which comes along with locking yourself out of the vehicle.

 Connect a Lanyard Keychain to Keys

It’s simpler to notice keys that have long strips. Therefore, it’ll be a good idea to connect your vehicle keys to a lanyard so you’ll have the ability to easily notice them while exiting your automobile.

Attach Keys to a Carabiner 

If you cannot get your hands on a lanyard keychain, it’s possible to use a carabiner. It’s is a metal loop utilized in locking keys. It’s possible to hook the loop to your purse strings, jeans, or belt after you attach the keys to your carabiner.

Use a Retractable Leash

So you won’t lose your car keys, it’s possible to attach them to a retractable leash which may be attached to your clothes. With this approach, you’ll be forced to remove your key from the door and ignition anytime your car isn’t being driven. Otherwise, your clothing gets tugged as you move, and reminds you what you have to do to free yourself.

Attach Little Bell to the Car Key

The noise of a bell is going to trigger your attention as you get out of your car. That way, you will not forget the keys inside your car.

Learn How to Roll Down Vehicle Windows

Some older models are available with manual roll-down windows which may softly be rolled down the window slot without having to cause damage to the glass. It may be accomplished with slow movements from the outside.

Always Remain Conscious of Your Vehicle Keys

If none of the above ideas suit your preference, you have to train yourself to always keep the keys within a safe place or inside your pocket before you get out of your car. You will not misplace your keys or forget them inside the ignition if you always are conscious of where the keys are at all times.

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