Most people think of locks as the initial defense wall in home security – but actually the door structure is the first line of defense! If you have a weak or poorly constructed wooden or hollow door, no matter what kind of lock you have on it any intruder will still be able to easily kick it in – regardless of what kind of lock you have. Getting a stronger quality door can make all the difference in defending your house from intruders. Since door materials vary wildly, it’s important to understand the value of different door materials to security in different contexts. Here’s a guide to door materials and security, as prepared by the high security deadbolt installation experts here at LocksmithMAN, so that our customers can be better informed and protected.


This material affords a high end look, and can come in many different configurations – whether you decide to get a machine made or hand made model. Wood doors can withstand the vast majority of extreme weather conditions, however over time this material can rot and warp, making it easier for them to get dented. Due to this, they require slightly more maintenance than doors of other materials. If you’re looking for a long lasting reliable choice, consider getting a sturdy oak door built with an internal or external cross-beam.


If you want to let in light, make sure to get an opaque textured glass panel that can let light inside without allowing people to clearly look inside your home. You can find out what the privacy rating of the glass is – they run from a 0 to 10 scale – and choose between types of glass that can be easily shattered to those that are completely smashproof. It’s important to do your research to find out which glass panel best fits your home needs. 


This material can appear as aesthetically attractive as wood, but has the strength of steel and much better insulation than these other two materials. They are slightly more expensive, but are popular since they are quite easy to maintain. They can be used in any climate, since they never contract or expand due to weather, and they can be painted or treated with finishes to make them appear to be made of other materials, including wood. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient, durable, and low maintenance – and many have interior steel frames that provide support matched by the best locking systems on the market.


These doors are a good choice for areas with a dry climate. Steel rusts more quickly in areas with high humidity or common rainfall. Hollow steel doors can get broken into using crowbars, even when they are fit with deadbolts. The smartest option is to choose a solid core steel door with a high quality deadbolt with included strike plate. Having a steel frame greatly improves the security – however, the downside is that these steel doors can get scratched, dented, and rust quickly – many people choose to install steel doors with wood frames (not a good idea) since these kinds of doors can be easily and quickly compromised with a strong crowbar. If you’re getting a steel door, a steel frame is an absolute must.



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