When your home or business absolutely needs to be protected with the utmost level of strong security, it’s essential to understand all the variable factors of high security locks in order to determine what the best locks for your needs are. In this brief blog post, the residential security and commercial security experts at LocksmithMAN will help you understand exactly how to choose the best high security locks for your needs.

Lock Cylinder

You want the lock cylinder to be made of a complicated internal makeup, reducing the chances that a burglar will be able by using a bump key, lock impressor, or picking. The more complicated your lock cylinder is, the fewer amount of people will even attempt to try to break through your security. If you’re looking for a keypad only door lock, you don’t even have to worry about lock cylinders.


You want the lock to be made of as much strong metal as possible. Since parts of the door need to be absent when the door lock is installed, requiring cross-boring, the door will be vulnerable around the lock hardware area. The best high security door locks add metal content that help protect this vulnerable area of your door. You can usually tell if a lock has a good amount of metal just by holding it in your hand. Heavy locks don’t utilize large gaps or plastic parts to reduce manufacturing cost – while sacrificing security. Any good high security lock needs to have heavy and strong metal in spades.


You want your lock to have hardened steel bolts that can resist bludgeoning attacks like battering, sledge hammers, shoulder strikes, or kicks. Bolts should also be resistant to cutting with hacksaws or reciprocating saws.


Criminals often utilize drilling as a breakin method. You want to ensure that your high security lock has set screws and a shear line protected with hardened ball bearings, and/or rotating anti-drill plates to help protect them from the risk of being drilled.

Key Control

You want to ensure that you buy a high security lock that has patented keyways in order to maintain key control and reduce the amount of people that might be able to use your lock. You’re definitely going to want to know the right way to hide your spare keys (not under your mats!) but it definitely is an essential to ONLY EVER use locks that have special patented keyways.


High security locks should never have bypass methods like thumbturns – they are simply easy entry methods, and basically allow for the canceling out of the complex security enforcing structure of a lock allowing potential burglars to exploit a lock’s weakness. Make sure to research whether or not the high security lock that you are using has a bypass method.



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