Burglar Proofing Doors

Burglar Proofing Doors

Here’s our top tips for how to burglarproof all the doors in your home. Entry through doors is how over 70% of burglaries are committed, so these tips prepared by the home security experts here at LocksmithMAN are sure to bolster your home security. Solidify your...
Door Material and Security

Door Material and Security

Most people think of locks as the initial defense wall in home security – but actually the door structure is the first line of defense! If you have a weak or poorly constructed wooden or hollow door, no matter what kind of lock you have on it any intruder will...

Your Business Needs a Security Budget

As companies set aside a budget for various departments, security often gets left out. Yet there’s a wide array of threats that businesses face; from internal threats to external ones. In the event of break-ins and frauds, businesses that don’t have a security budget...

Security Enhancements For Tenants

Tenants often struggle with how to secure their homes without making invasive changes to the property. They may not have the freedom to mount new storm doors or install complicated security systems. Nonetheless, as a tenant, there are a number of ways you can boost...


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