Interesting Lock and Key Facts

Interesting Lock and Key Facts

Locks and keys are objects that we interact with every single day – yet very few of us think of them throughout the day. However, these everyday objects are fully loaded with a vast history of (not only) security usefulness – but also a major link to the...

About Re-Keying

If you haven’t come across the term rekeying, most people haven’t either. And this is exactly why many homeowners after losing their keys, or moving into a new apartment, end up changing their locks entirely instead of getting their locks rekeyed. Although there’s...

Do You Know Where Your Master Key Is?

Mica is a survivor of a house fire. She and her two kids escaped the flaming jaws of death through her backdoor. However, her backdoor is always locked for security reasons. Luckily, she always keeps her master key somewhere easily accessible. In the middle of the...


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