Here’s our top tips for how to burglarproof all the doors in your home. Entry through doors is how over 70% of burglaries are committed, so these tips prepared by the home security experts here at LocksmithMAN are sure to bolster your home security.

Solidify your Security

All doors that lead to the outside of your home need to be solid and impervious to strong kicks. Choose a solid wood door or one with a solid wood core. If you choose a metallic door, make sure that it is reenforced on the inside, and has a lock block – so that it can resist burglars from breaking it with a car jack. Reinforced steel doors are the strongest option, but they require a high level of extra maintenance in order to prevent any rust.

Protect Windows

The fact is that door windows may look pretty, but they are a serious home security risk. If your window is located within an arm’s reach of the door lock, it’s very easy to smash it and stick your arm through to unlock the door. If you’re installing a brand new door, simply choose one without a window; and if you already have a door with a window, make sure that the glass is re-enforced, and consider adding extra metal re enforcement or decorative bars. To be extra careful, add a second door lock at the floor level – too far for a burglar to reach down if they break the door windowpane.

Get rid of Shrubbery

Shrubs and bushes can be beautiful, but they don’t belong near your doors or windows – they create way too much potential coverage for burglars to break into your home.


Doors only maintain the amount of strength that their lock imparts. Even a strong, metal reinforced door can be opened with a strong kick if your lock doesn’t go deep enough into the door frame. When you’re choosing your deadbolt, choose a leading industry brand name, and don’t get the cheapest model.

Additional Lines of Protection

We also recommend getting a secondary, one sided deadbolt – since these locks don’t have keyed access to the outside, they can only get opened while you’re at home – they can only get locked from the inside – making them impossible for burglars to open.


Frames and door jambs are both essential aspects to door security. If you don’t have a strong jamb or frame, your door can easily crack open. Make sure that instead of a skinny strike plate, you install a deep box strike to house the bolt of your deadbolt – and screw this deep into the wall studs, rather than just into the door jamb. To be extra careful, reenforce your doorjamb with strong galvanized steel to resist strikes, kicks, and any other attempts to break down your door.

Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are often seen as an easy in by burglars, but they don’t have to make your home vulnerable. Make sure that your doors are made of either reinforced glass or plastic, rather than thin glass – and that they remain locked. Place a metallic or wooden dowel in the track to prevent the doors from being opened through force. Additionally install motion or vibration sensors on the glass to sound the alarm / notify law enforcement just in case the glass is broken. Also, install curtains on the inside of your window to prevent any passing burglars from being able to look inside your home. 



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