Replacing and rekeying locks are similar, yet distinctly different processes – both of which have necessary times and places for implementation. When you work with a professional licensed locksmith team like those here at LocksmithMAN, you will receive expert advice from experienced security technicians as to whether you should replace or rekey your locks. In this blog entry, some of our residential and commercial lock installation experts will detail the differences between lock rekeying and lock replacement.

Rekeying Locks Advantages

Rekeying is an affordable and easy way to increase home security. You can use your existing lock hardware, meaning that it’s much cheaper than total lock replacement, and a good solution for when you simply lose a key. 


Lock rekeying involves the removal of a lock cylinder’s pins and springs, and their replacement with a new set of springs and pins. This makes it possible for a brand new key to control the lock, rendering previous keys useless. This is a fantastic way to ensure the protection of your property when keys are lost or potentially stolen.


When locks are rekeyed, a locksmith can help inspect a lock’s condition and the quality of it’s installation – if any issues are found, a locksmith can easily correct them. This means that rekeying has the added benefit as functioning as maintenance.


Replacing Locks Advantages

Replacing your lock is the best bet when existing locks are worn down, not working correctly, or obsolete. If this is the situation, it’s probably best to change your lock hardware totally. Then, you can choose to upgrade your hardware to a brand new lockset style, or upgrade all of the locks in your home so a single key works on all of them.


Replacing your locks is usually more expensive than simply rekeying them, as this involves total hardware changes. Locksmiths can help assess the best locks for your needs, and there’s a wide range of locks available on the market today that can help tackle the unique security needs of any properties. A professional locksmith can help provide a custom recommendation as to whether your locks should be rekeyed or replaced.



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