No matter how careful you are, there’s still a chance you may find yourself in a sticky situation involving your keys. These are some of those scenarios that warrant an emergency locksmith service Winnipeg.

  1. When your toddler locks themselves in the house

In a home lockout scenario, older children may take some set of instructions but if your toddler locks themselves in a room or house, the whole story changes. The thought of your child locked in the house is enough to strike terror into the heart of any parent but you need to keep calm then act swiftly. If it’s an interior door, you might be able to unscrew the door if the screws are visible. However, exterior door locks are meant to enhance security and not privacy so these are usually sturdier and harder to unscrew. If this is the situation, call an emergency locksmith immediately and while you wait, keep your child engaged by talking to them until the locksmith arrives. For prompt response, call a locksmith in your local area. As a preventative measure, once the locksmith has resolved the emergency talk to them about childproofing your doors. You want to prevent a recurring situation where your child locks themselves in even more dangerous rooms of the house such as the kitchen.

  1. Broken keys in Lock

Imagine this:  You have a few minutes to get to an appointment, you run for the door lock and as you turn the key, it snaps and breaks. What do you do? In a scenario like this, you have no time to struggle to retrieve the key from the lock so your only quick solution should be to call an emergency locksmith. In situations where you’re not in a rush but your efforts to retrieve them are in vain, you’ll be in for a lockout if you don’t get help soon. The tricky part about removing broken keys in the lock is you need some tools. If you don’t have the necessary tools, you may end up damaging the entire lock. To prevent keys from breaking in the future, lubricate them regularly so they don’t get jammed in the locking mechanisms and break off. Also, replace any old keys so they remain functional.

  1. Break-Ins

If you recently experienced a burglary or you suspect someone tried tampering with your lock, prioritize calling an emergency locksmith.  For the sake of your home’s security and for your peace of mind, getting the locks changed after such an incident should be your top priority. If your lock has been tampered with, chances are that someone examined your lock. The only way you can be assured of safety is if you change the locks. If your house was broken into, consider getting stronger locks and also installing a security system to prevent future burglaries.

Emergency locksmith is all about finding a prompt and effective solution.  If you happen to be in any of the scenarios above, call (204) 813-9553 now and we’ll send one of our well-trained 24-hour locksmith crews over! At LocksmithMAN, we are dedicated to providing the best service to all our clients.



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