Mica is a survivor of a house fire. She and her two kids escaped the flaming jaws of death through her backdoor. However, her backdoor is always locked for security reasons. Luckily, she always keeps her master key somewhere easily accessible. In the middle of the highly stressful situation, her master key came to the rescue and granted her an escape route to her backyard. This is a clear illustration of why it’s necessary to have a master key close by.

A master key is a cleverly designed key used to grant access to different types of locks. Its design is based on the fact that all types of locks, however different they look, are made from fairly similar concepts. In a nutshell, the notches of a master key are designed to be slightly adjustable in order to align with the pins on different types of locks.

Such keys come in handy especially when one loses the primary key. As a fact, losing keys is something most people can relate with. In fact, to deal with key loss, most people, dedicate a bowl or a hook to place their keys after use as a way to prevent key loss. However, no matter how careful you are, it helps to leave room for the possibility that you can lose your keys, especially if you have children. Knowing where your master key is comes in handy in times of an emergency.

Due to the security threat that master keys pose, you must be wary of where you keep yours. You shouldn’t keep the master key together with the rest because in the event you lose your bunch of keys, you’ll end up losing the master key as well.  Instead, treat your master key as you would a spare key and find a unique spot that you can reach at any given time. Areas such as under the doormat, under a fake rock, on the letterbox, flower pot or the power meter are obvious, even for burglars. We can thank movies for that. Instead, opt for the least expected place. An outdoor grill, inside a rain gutter (cleverly positioned away from the flow of water), or under a fake sprinkler head make some of the best places to hide your master key.

Alternatively, you can choose to hide the keys in plain sight by using a key party. Take a simple bowl or jar and fill it with dummy keys. Attach different colored ribbons onto the keys such that only you and your family know which ribbon is attached to the master key. Place the key party somewhere easily accessible from both inside and outside the house, such as a window with blinders.

You can also opt to invest in a more permanent solution; a key safe. It is a small but highly robust safe that is normally mounted on the wall. The master key is stored inside and the only way to open the safe is by keying in the right pin — It’s pretty similar to how the screen lock on your phone works.

Now, here is a question: do you know where your master key is? If so, is it safe? How easily accessible is it? If you are not using the key safe, we advise you to take turns rotating the clever hiding spots at least on a bi-weekly basis. In the event, you’ve lost your keys and you don’t know where your master key is, contact LocksmithMAN for an emergency locksmith service, right away!