Most burglars, before breaking in, will casually knock on the front door to confirm if someone is in. This explains why most burglars access the house through the front door more than any other place. To enhance the security of your home, you need to choose an appropriate lock for your front door. This article takes you through the best locks for front doors.


Generally, most residential locksmiths prefer deadbolts. Reason being, deadbolts manufactures place priority on functionality over anything else. A front door lock is meant to be the most sophisticated lock in your home, and deadbolts provide exactly that. Homeowners get to choose their preferred type of deadbolts from the three available designs:

  • Single-cylinder deadbolts

These come with one key cylinder, which is installed on the exterior side of the door. The only way to gain access to a home through the front door is by having the right key. The interior side of a single-cylinder deadbolt is operated using a thumb turn. This, however, gives the single-cylinder deadbolt one disadvantage. Should there be a window right next to the door, a burglar can gain access to your house by breaking the window and reaching the thumb turn.

  • Double-cylinder deadbolts

These have a key cylinder on either side of the door which eliminates the vulnerability of single-cylinder deadbolts. It however, also means that you have to use a key to open the door even when you are on the inside. This can be disadvantageous during emergencies such as a fire.

  • Lockable thumb turn deadbolts

This is a hybrid between a single-cylinder and a double cylinder deadbolt. It operates just as the single-cylinder deadbolt does, only this time, a key can be used to lock the thumb turn. With this type, access to the thumb turn without the key on the cylinder will not grant one access to the house.

Handle sets

These types of locks are recommended for the front door because of their functionality. They come with a keyed opening and a handle fixed on the exterior side of the door. The interior side of the lock is designed to function as a knobbed lock, which you turn to either open or lock the door. It offers more security than a knobbed lock as it uses deadbolts in place of spring bolts.

Jimmy proof deadbolts

This is a special type of deadbolt lock which is designed to be installed with minimum invasion on the door structure. They can be mounted on the surface of the door and still grant maximum security. A keyed opening is provided together with a hardened rim cylinder. The deadbolt on this type of lock interlocks with a jamb bracket, which prevents access to the house without the proper key.

Electronic locks

Technological advancements have provided electronic locks which complement the traditional key structure with a keypad or card system to grant access to the house. While a card system works best for interior doors, a keypad system is the better option for front doors. Keypad electronic locks are designed in such a manner that access is denied even when the keypad is damaged. A key has to be used to grant access if the keypad is not functional.

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