A garage door is a critical asset to any home. Not just will it render the convenience of entering your house by simply pushing a button, it also enhances your home’s curb appeal. We use the garage on a daily basis to rapidly access or exit our home. The garage door protects the garage from the weather elements, as well as creates a secure area for our personal belongings and vehicles.

The garage is an excellent addition to any home; however, it might be a huge security risk if you aren’t taking the proper safety precautions. Do you know where your emergency release lever is on the garage door? If you do not know you might be placing yourself at-risk for a burglary by leaving the garage door open.

The majority of home burglaries happen on the first floor of a house, and most are made by accessing the property through open garage doors, or side doors that lead into the garage. Pretty much anyone may break into a garage with the proper knowledge. Keeping your house safe is one of your main priorities. Below we list some tips you should follow for suitable garage security.

Cover your Windows

While it may be great to have sunlight streaming into the garage, open windows are invitations for criminals. People easily can peer into your garage to see what belongings are inside. Cover your windows to keep folks from seeing in. Be certain the windows always are locked as it’ll help deter criminals.

Lock your Doors

The side door of the garage should be locked to prevent burglars from getting into the house. Use extra locks on the bottom or top of the door for additional security.

Lock the Vehicle

Leaving the vehicle inside a closed garage might seem safe, yet it is not difficult for thieves to get inside the garage and steal possessions from the automobile. You should remove all valuable belongings from your car and lock it to keep your property safe. Remove your garage door opener from the automobile or hide it well to keep folks from breaking the window and utilizing the clicker to open your garage.

Use Wireless Keypad 

One good method of entering the garage is by putting in a wireless keypad. Change the security code of the garage often in order to prevent theft. That code makes it simple for your loved ones to enter the garage and makes it more challenging for criminals to guess the code.

Motion Lights

The majority of thieves run away if lights abruptly turn on as they’re attempting to break into the garage. Motion lights are an excellent way to frighten them off and give your house some extra protection.

Most folks store precious belongings inside their garage, like bicycles, expensive adventure equipment, and additional personal possessions. The garage door that has a faulty security system is an open door to criminals.

Routine inspections may prevent failure in a security system.

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