Enhancing Child Car Safety

As parents, we fret over all manner of choices that tap into the instinct of keeping our children alive, whole, and protected. We will quickly heed to warnings about crib bumpers and lead paints. We will also put locks on cabinets when we have crawling babies. Not to...

How to Secure Your Garage

A garage door is a critical asset to any home. Not just will it render the convenience of entering your house by simply pushing a button, it also enhances your home’s curb appeal. We use the garage on a daily basis to rapidly access or exit our home. The garage door...

The Psychology Behind How Burglars Work

Does your home seem to have some swirling, lingering scents in the air that attracts burglars(figuratively)? What is that little something ″special” that’s making your home so attractive to thieves? To protect your home from burglars, you first need to understand how...


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