If you are locked out of your house, there are a variety of simple ways to assist you in getting back in; ones which will not arouse suspicion or produce too much damage within the process. Here, we list some methods of getting back in as you are locked out:

Perform a Door Perimeter Check

As you recognize that you are locked out, begin the process of reentry by strolling around the whole perimeter of your house. Take note of the shape of any exterior windows and doors, and then turn the knobs on every door there is to check whether or not they are unlocked.

If there is exterior access to crawlspace or basement areas, try to also access those.

Just do not break any doors down yet! It isn’t worth the damage.

 Shimmy through Unlocked Window

While you are performing the perimeter check, pay attention to the windows. If you are like me, you might attempt to keep them locked all the time. However, within the off chance there was a breezy, mild day and you happened to open the windows, this small overlook might be your saving grace.

Try and open all accessible windows from the outside. Do not break the window. If it does not open, keep on working down the list.

Ask Your Neighbors for Assistance

As you are locked out of your home, it isn’t likely that you will miraculously have an expert lock-picking set inside your pocket. But your neighbors might have one, or they might have the tools needed to get you back into your home, like a small paperclip, crowbar, or ladder.

They also might have a few tips to assist you in breaking back into your house. Listen to their suggestions, and then thank them for their assistance after everything is said and done.

Contact a Locksmith

If none of the above tips get you through the door, it is time to contact a locksmith.

3 Ways to Get Ready For your Next Lock Out

Now that you are back inside your home, it is time to prepare to make sure you do not get locked out again.

Give a Nearby Relative or Neighbor a Copy of the Key

The next time you are at the hardware store, make some additional copies of your house key. Next, give them to those you trust and who live close by.

Hide a Copy of the Key Around the Yard

If you do not have anyone that you trust with a copy of the key, or you want an additional method of backup, hide one of your spare keys in a secure, secret space.

Install Keyless Lock on the Door

These days, key locks are not the only method of securing your home. As a matter of fact, there are several available options for keyless door locks that provide a high degree of security in conjunction with advanced technology. Plus, they aren’t as expensive as you think.

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