5 Signs That I Need Someone to Fix My Doorknob

A doorknob can end up being broken due to several factors. It can be due to some accident or it can be deliberate. Regardless of the cause, it is important that you pay attention to it. Most homeowners don’t pay attention to lock systems after getting them installed....

3 Door Problems That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Neglecting to pay close attention to the condition of your door locks may have some extremely severe consequences. Our readers have a special place in our hearts, so we want to help you stay away from any unnecessary expenses. Below are the things you ought to be on...

My Key Is Stuck in My Deadbolt, What Should I Do?

It has been one of those days again. On your way home, you caught every red light, your clothes weren’t ready at your dry cleaners, and now—as you finally arrive home and are waiting to sink into your couch—you cannot get your key out of your front door’s lock. While...


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